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Summary of photo services and prices
Typical photo and video projects will take approximately 40 hours to complete from start to finish by the time planning, shooting, editing, posting the material online, and finally, completing any print projects. Packages are available for a variety of needs and prices depend on whether the project involves photos or video (or both). Other factors that should be considered are whether the project would benefit from aerial (i.e. drone) photography and/or video. Costs for additional work completed later, such as prints, albums, slides or website development can also be provided upon request. Please contact Public Safety Multimedia to discuss your project ideas and needs. 
Special Note: Public Safety Multimedia often works on projects that have been grant funded and can be of assistance in crafting language for photography and video services that will be used to document exercises, drills and classes. The material is often used in after action reports, presentations to funding agencies or other emergency services agencies for the purpose of performance improvement. Contact Public Safety Multimedia to discuss your grant funded exercise. 

The Photo and Video Process

What do you want to do with the photos and video? Will they be used for website and social media? Will they be used for slide presentations, lesson plans or perhaps for a brochure? All the above? The outcome of a successful project depends on clarifying the scope from the very beginning. Determining these sorts of end uses of the media is helpful in delivering a product that is set up properly and makes sure you are satisfied.  Depending on how technical the photoshoot is, a visit to the location before the day of the shoot may be in order. This is particularly important if any aerial work will be part of the project. It is also especially important to convey any special aspects that you are trying to demonstrate or emphasize with the photos. For instance, is there a new product or person or technique that should be a central theme? 
On the day of the shoot, the mobile studio may be set up on site with all necessary equipment. PSMM staff should be briefed along with the rest of the team and review the schedule and any safety details. Portraits can be taken if people are interested, but action shots are the emphasis. At some point before lunch, some quick edits will be available and a few 4x6 prints from the morning will be given away for free. In the afternoon, a slide presentation with some images from the day and other Public Safety Multimedia photos and video will be displayed on the mobile studio's outdoor display. Email addresses of anyone who may want to receive an invitation to view the images later online will be collected. 
It takes about a week or two to edit the photos, depending on the scope of the project. Photos will be prepared for both web and for print. Video may take longer to edit, depending on the length and complexity of the project. 
Once completed, the files will be uploaded to a portfolio on the Public Safety Multimedia website and email invitations will be sent out. Your team can then view all of the images. Files can be downloaded directly from the website. The portfolio can be password protected to assure only authorized personnel can view and/or download photos and video. 
Additional services are also available to print images on canvas, photo paper or even glass or aluminum. Public Safety Multimedia can also assist with converting the images into slides for presentations. 
As noted above, in addition to simply providing photo files, Public Safety Multimedia also can work with you to see your project all the way through to delivery, whether website development, prints on canvas, metal or glass, slide presentations or brochures. Please contact Public Safety Multimedia to get more details. 
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