Emergency Dispensing Site at UMass Amherst - with video

2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - fullsize-192016-04-07 EDS at UMass - fullsize-19

​On April 7, 2016, UMass Amherst’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), University Health Services, Environmental Health and Safety and the Office of Emergency Management hosted an Emergency Dispensing Site (EDS) exercise and workshop to test plans for a mass vaccination in the event of an outbreak within the student body. More than 325 volunteers and emergency response partners participated in the event, which simulated a large-scale vaccination clinic for a meningitis outbreak.


Registration at the UMass Amherst MRC drillRegistration at the UMass Amherst MRC drill Registration at the UMass Amherst MRC drilRegistration at the UMass Amherst MRC drill The exercise focused on the entire dispensing process, as well as testing new plans to distribute medication to other area colleges. Volunteers received specialized training from nursing student leaders, after which they will provide the simulated clinic to volunteer victims.

2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-322016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-32 2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-352016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-35 2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-452016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-45 Campus affiliates included University Health Services, Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management; College of Nursing, Disability Services, and the ROTC. Western Massachusetts and Hampshire County MRC units, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Community Emergency Response Teams, Hope Therapy Animals, the Amherst and Hadley health departments, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and Hampshire Emergency Planning Committee also took part in the drill.

2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-102016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-10 2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-372016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-37 2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web The exercise was funded by the Hampshire Public Health Preparedness Coalition, the Western Massachusetts Medical Reserve Corps and the University of Massachusetts. 

2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-51 2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-51 2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-51 2016-04-07 EDS at UMass - web-51 For more information on the UMass Amherst MRC, please visit the UMass Amherst MRC website

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